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February 26, 2009

Writing Spaces and Remediation

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Writing Spaces and Remediation

            The three writing spaces that I use most frequently are handwriting, typewriting, and word processing on the computer. Each writing space portrays different characteristics and each is unique in its own way. For example, handwriting is the easiest way to communicate to me. It is easier to write down something right away with a piece of paper and pen rather than booting up a machine to do it for you. Handwriting is also more easily accessible. One does not need a computer or any other type of technology to do it, a simple pen and paper will get the job done. Handwriting is unique in that everyone has their own style of handwriting. It can also be viewed as more personal. For example, when one writes a letter in handwriting, the reader may feel more connected to the writer because it is handwritten rather than typed. Handwriting also looks different than word processed documents, which basically all look the same. Typewriting is the second writing space that I use and does not come easy as handwriting. One must be very careful not to make a mistake while typing on the typewriter because the mistake may still be a little visible even after one corrects it. Typewriting is more involved than handwriting and word processing because one must make sure the paper is in the feeder properly and must be sure to check all settings before typing or else it will type numbers or symbols instead of letters. Another characteristic of typewriting is that one must press hard on the buttons in order for the typewriter to type correctly. The typewriter is unique in that it makes the writing look uniform and orderly. It is a good tool to use for people that do not have legible handwriting. The third writing space that I use is word processing on the computer, which is easier to use than a typewriter. Word processing is easy to use if one is comfortable with typing and knows where all the keys are on the keyboard. However, it may be time consuming for people that are not quick at typing. There are certain settings for writing in word processing such as line spacing, font and style, and the sizing of the letters. Word processing is unique in that it makes a document look neat and organized. Some word processing systems instantly correct the writing if there is a mistake with spelling and grammar. One may also save a document to go back and fix it, if necessary.

            Handwriting and word processing remediate each other. They are totally different from each other in both the way they are used and how they make writing look. Even though handwriting came before word processing, one does not need to know how to handwrite in order to use word processing. People now use word processing more than handwriting to turn in certain documents. For example, students now type homework, when it was mostly done by hand before. Today, most of society uses word processing rather than handwriting when it comes to writing.


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