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February 26, 2009


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 The three places I tend to utilize as writing spaces are my laptop, my cell phone, and my paper notebook. Although my laptop is used for writing papers and other various school work, I also use it to write for fun. To me, my laptop can be used as a journal. When I’m in a rush, I find it quicker and easier to get my ideas out by typing rather than writing everything by hand. If I am in the mood to be organized, this is the perfect tool.

In addition to the computer, my cell phone is a tool that I often write on. Text messaging, whether its a note or a lengthy idea, is a quick way to communicate with people. It is especially useful to me when I am unable to talk on the phone due to school or work. This is one piece of technology in my life that allows me to keep in touch with friends and family.

Last but not least, paper notebooks are a main place where I write. Mostly used for school, it allows me to construct notes and ideas in a less formal way than computers. I also feel that it has a more authentic feel when I am writing in my free-time. To me, it is more like an art form than typing on the computer. I can be anywhere, at any time, with a pen and paper. No electric outlets or internet connections are necessary with this writing space. I wish I spent more time writing for fun, like keeping journal entries or documenting significant events that occur in my life. It seems that with school there is barely any time to reflect and write solely for yourself.

I feel that each of these three writing spaces has its ups and downs. To me, it all depends on what I am using them for.


I feel that programs on the computer, such as Word, remediates writing on paper because it helps to organize thoughts in a more efficient way. With a couple clicks you can switch around a whole sentence or paragraph by using the copy and paste tools. I remember back in elementary school our teachers used to make us write everything on paper. As I got older, they allowed us to use computers. From this change, I found that it helped learn about the structure of essays. It allowed me to be more clear and concise with my ideas. This way of getting work done continues to benefit me during my college years.


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