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February 26, 2009

Writing as Technology and The Double Logic of Remediation

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The three types of writing spaces I use the most would be my cell phone for texting, my laptop, and my notebooks.  Each one of these technologies is unique because they all serve a different purpose.

My cell phone will have to be number one because I use it every day twenty four seven.  I am constantly texting, during dinner, class, movies, even while I’m speaking on the phone.  I babysit for a family back home two hours away so I am constantly chatting with the mother to keep dates and plans informed.  My boyfriend is also back home which is two hours away so I am constantly texting him.  He works all day and I have class at night so texting is all we can really do while were not together.  I also feel text messaging is easier than being on the phone sometimes.  You can have a conversation with someone with time in between so it’s not an awkward silence on the phone.  My cell phone is my life and without it I go crazy.

                I never wanted a laptop because I always had a computer.  This year I just transferred to rowan and thought I might need one.  So like the rest of the world I jumped on the bandwagon and bought one.  This may have been the biggest mistake ever!  I never put it down, no matter what is going on my laptop is on my lap.  I guess this is a good thing because I am constantly typing.  This has improved my typing skills and made me a better typist.  I use my laptop for papers for class and I also use it as a log for work.  I have documents and documents of my life, my job, and my calendar.  My computer keeps me posted on everything going on in my life as if it were a talking planner.

                My notebooks are used mostly for class but if you were too looking in them class notes are not all that are in there.  During class I tend to doodle and write my thoughts down.  Sometime I go ahead in the homework and start writing for next week while I’m waiting to go back to my room and use my laptop.  Also I enjoy going to the back of the notebook and writing down each day what my goals are and what tasks I need to peruse during the course of the day/week.

After reading the article I would have to say that Word has taken over many technologies, such as the notebook and typewriter. With word we can now make mistakes and fix them without a paper looking sloppy or unprofessional.  We can add pictures and color to emphasize what we are trying to say.  Teachers only had notebooks to write in, for papers to be written on.  With the word processing we have the internet at our fingers and if we need something for our paper we can just look it up right in front of us. We don’t need to walk to the library to get anything.  I feel the laptop and text messaging has given the world a chance to communicate better and even give us a broader way to look at life.  With the internet at our fingertips we can search anything at anytime and obtain knowledge.  Without my cell phone and laptop I would never communicate with other as much s I do now.  Everyone always has their cell phone on them; I know I never turn mine off.


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