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February 26, 2009

Writing Spaces and Remediation

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The three writing spaces I use the most would be:

1.) More than any other writing space, I unfortunately think I text the most. This may be because I am in a long distance relationship. My boyfriend and I have been together for 6 years, the past 3 being in college. Since I cannot see him every day, we like to talk as much as possible and with both of us in school and working the communication cannot always be on the phone. So text messaging as a writing space has actually helped hold our relationship together as well as making long distance relationships more bearable.

2.) The next writing space I use the most is probable Microsoft Word 2007. Being in college, especially having writing arts as a dual major, I am constantly writing academic papers. The writing is not even limited to just papers; today professors do not seem to want anything handwritten anymore. It’s okay with me though because I find it easier to write, organize my thoughts, and edit on the computer.

3.) The final writing space I use the most s probably e-mail. I use email to communicate with everyone; family, professors, sorority members, girls from my dance team, people from my job at school and at home, and the list probably could go on for a while. I like to email people because you never know what people are doing and if you may be interrupting them with a phone call. Email allows you to compose everything you want to say and send it to someone without inconveniencing them.

From the article, I got that remediation refers to one thing surpassing another. For example, the typewriter would remediate a word processor. As for my writing spaces, they are all mostly interlinked. If I had to choose one to remediate the other I would say that text messaging remediates emails. Texts are shorter, more informal, and even more instant. Most people have their cell phone on them all the time, while a computer is not as accessible.


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