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March 3, 2009

Literacy and Technology Linked (pg 8)

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Literacy and Technology Linked: Chapter 1: Technology and literacy in the 21st century: The importance of paying attention

However, the national project to expand technological literacy has also failed to yield some surfaces changes in how literacy is practiced and what Americans consider literate behaviors, it has not resulted in an improved life for all citizens- especially poor students or students of color who, within this country’s educational system, continue to have less access to technology (Coley, Crandler, and Engle) and who suffer from a high incidence of educational failure than wealthier students and white students (Condition of Education 1997 12).

Quote from page 8

            In our country most of school funding comes from property taxes of the surrounding neighborhoods. This is the reason schools in areas with low socio-economic incomes do not have the same resources as schools in wealthier areas. This quote is stating that poor students or students of color are less advantaged than white, wealthier students. They receive a poorer education. The students in poorer schools are not going to be as technological literate as those in wealthier schools because they simply do not have the same equipment to practice with. In this divided school system, only some of the students, the wealthier ones, will succeed.

            The problem is how do we raise money to help the schools in poorer areas? Raising property taxes would only further the debt of the people who live in the area and cannot afford to pay more for their homes. People in the wealthier communities do not want their money going to other neighborhood’s schools, when their own children can benefit from the funding. This problem of “educational failure” that low socio-economic students face has been ongoing and the technology literacy factor is only one more piece of their disadvantage.


How can we improve schools in lower socio-economic areas?


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  1. “Raising property taxes would only further the debt of the people who live in the area and cannot afford to pay more for their homes. ”

    I agree.Maybe the world should be less stubborn and help the other poor communities in need. I have great respect for school systems who work with other schools in poor areas to help them supply things to their kids. They have their priorities straight.

    Washington Twp spent like a crazy amount of money for a stupid electronic sign for outside of the school..and i question why. Its not really necessary.
    There are so many poor communities right down the street from us and i think they could use that money to maybe get some computers or something…something that would increase learning among students.

    Comment by beachbum87 — March 3, 2009 @ 8:03 pm

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