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March 5, 2009

Creatively Going Green

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So, I was thinking that one way to be creative in you class and still teach good lessons would be to “go green” in your classroom.  I began to look it up, and there are so many things you can do:


1.)    Have a Recycling Competition.  Your class and classrooms around you can all have recycling bins in your rooms (as you should) and have a weekly competition to see who can collect the most.  This will not only teach kids to recycle, but I bet they will start bringing cans and bottles from home to recycle at school.

2.)    Have an “end of the day” room check.  At the end of the day, assign different groups a different task: making sure the faucets are off, closing the blinds, turning off all the lights, making sure the air conditioner(if you are lucky enough to have one) is turned off or down and that anything electric is turned off.

3.)    Use water-based paints. They are non-toxic.

4.)    Use recycled pencils, pens and paper.

5.)    Encourage the use of both sides of the paper.

6.)    Have a party with organic snacks

7.)    Start a garden or plant a tree

8.)    Talk about car-pooling


There’s so much you can do.  A good site to refer to is


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