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March 5, 2009

The World Wide Web

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The World Wide Web

            It is hard to imagine life without the internet. People use the internet almost every single day of their daily lives. They use it for many different reasons as well. Some people may use it as a social tool, others use it for work, students use it to research academic papers, etc. The internet is a very helpful tool for most people. It is extremely valuable and very accessible.

            I think that some people would be completely lost without the internet. I know some people that can stay in front of the computer screen all day long, just surfing the Web. Some of my friends (and myself) even stay on certain websites, like facebook and myspace, for hours at a time. I remember when there was a time when I did not have the internet on my computer at home and almost every one of my friends did. They would ask me questions like “What do you do with your time since you don’t have the internet?” or “How do you live without the internet?”. I used to think that they were crazy for being so addicted to the web, but after I got it on my computer, I started to see why they were so attached to it. The internet can be very addicting.

            I found the article by Tim Berners-Lee about the World Wide Web interesting. It discusses all of the important factors of the internet, such as the vocabulary that is involved with the Web as well as each aspect of the internet. I found some parts of this article difficult to get through because there is a lot of computer jargon throughout it. It seems like Berners-Lee tries his best to explain the computer language in simpler terms, however I still had trouble fully understanding some parts of the article. I think this is a good article for one to read if they want to learn the basics of the World Wide Web.


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