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March 9, 2009


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Mark Zuckerberg, a name I had never known.  This man is the guy who created Facebook, a multimillion dollar site.  I had never really known the story behind how it became Facebook until now.  Facebook in my opinion is more popular than Myspace.  Myspace is still being used but not as frequently as Facebook has been.  For many users Facebook is a way to communicate with others and share information.  It is hard to comprehend that just a random kid from Harvard had created such a high growing website.  If someone took the time to create something like that it could have been you trying to make that decision to sell your site for one billion dollars.  I think it was a good idea for Mark turn down the offer because he built it from the grown up with no help and no one should get any of that credit but himself.  Many people may disagree and not like this website but for others it’s a different story.  I know that I am constantly on Facebook connecting with my peers and my distant family.  It keeps people connected in ways they never had before, whether it be pictures, comments, or emails.  I also am a big fan because I can quickly access people who are on that may be in some of my classes therefore we can discuss homework and help eachotjer out.  Facebook has made its way straight to the top with all types of ages.  For example I babysit a ten year old girl who has her own Facebook.  Parents may think this is a bad idea but she only has a few friends and a lot of family member she keeps in touch with.  When Zuckerberg created Facebook I don’t think he realized how successful it was going to turn out.  Lucky for him it took off and made it straight to the top of the charts and it is the number one website around.


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