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March 9, 2009


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Life without the internet is unthinkable. After reading the article “World Wide Web” I was fascinated to see what the internet was really used for. I had no idea until I had read this article.  Although, the internet is not only used for keeping track of information anymore, it is still used in everyday life.  Everyone I know uses the internet, I myself cannot live without the web.   Ever since I was a child I have been around the internet.  Since my brother is older than me, I have been introduced to the internet at a young age. My father, a business man, has used it for work purposes and for leisure.  Many people in careers including business or desk jobs are always sitting in front of a computer screen.  The internet helps us get information quickly and for the majority of the time, less difficult.  Tim Berners-Lee’s article teaches you how to use the internet. The modern day internet is extremely complex as well as difficult to understand, in the end it makes using the internet a lot easier. I have even seen children as young as seven years old using the web, which makes me realize that it is everywhere.  In the article he states the definition of the World Wide Web as “the idea of a boundless information world in which all items have reference by which they can be retrieved,” “the body of data.”  The http was designed to transfer information necessary with many different formats.    I feel the internet is an easy way for someone to get knowledge and get it fast.  They have even put the internet on phones so in case you’re not by a computer it’s still available for you to use.  Without the internet people would be lost in the world.  If you ever take the time to really look around, you will notice everyone is connected to the internet whether you live in America across the globe to China people are connected.  It is the new way of life, computers and cell phones equipped with internet accesses at all times.


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