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March 24, 2009

Art in the classroom

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Have you ever walked into a child’s classroom and thought it was boring or physically antiseptic? Well here is an idea I feel should be necessary for every classroom dealing with younger children.  Children love to color and are creative so why not have them decorate the room with their own artwork.  It might not be amazing or Picasso material, but at least it is their own.  When teaching children how to do art projects in the classroom it is important that everyone understand what they are doing before you hand out all of the supplies.  It is important that the teacher develops a strategy for engaging the children as much as they can to make their artwork as unique as they are.  The teacher must develop an effective style in order for children to be able to master the principles needed to create well designed works of art.  

            Children don’t just understand how to make a snowman in the winter or a flower in the summer.  They need to know that a snowman’s eyes go on his head and his three buttons are used on his body.  The children need to know that a flower has a stem that comes out of the bottom of the flower and not the top.  Examples are the best way for children to understand what you expect from their artwork, which is especially good for those children who are kinesthetic learners rather than auditory learners. 

            There are many ways for children to help decorate your classroom.  Some ideas I have come up with are exploring patterns with stamping.  This is a good way for children to understand what stamping really is.  You can use tools such as paint on leaves, sponges, food, or paper.  This connects paint with objects to create patterns or shapes on the paper.  Another creative idea is to use string and either a type of food such as noodles, popcorn, cereal, or paper and string it through the holes to have it hang like a necklace.  This is fun because children can decorate the noodles or whatever they are using and make one giant string to hang across the classroom.  Finger painting was always my favorite.  This is where you can let the children be messy and creative all at the same time.  When I was younger we used finger paint, but depending on the age group, the younger they are you might want to use something different.  If your classroom is younger children you might want to use pudding or cool whip, either one works.  With the food substituted for paint your children can create whatever they want.  This gives them a chance to show you what is on their mind and what they like to create.

            I feel letting this children decorate their own classroom is a great idea because this way the children can see their own artwork hanging up and not some artist who drew a pictures of something that a child has no idea what it is.  This is also good because if the children’s parents ever come in they can get excited to show them all of the work they have done to decorate their classroom.


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