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March 24, 2009

Child Care Center

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Working at a child care center I have witnessed many situations dealing with the lack of proper supervision.  One thing I need to stress is cleanliness, it is something that is over looked in almost every child care center and it needs to stop.  I am not saying there are dirty diapers lying around and food on the floor as that is just disgusting.  I am talking more about the cleanliness of children sharing toys from their mouths and each individual’s sippy cup. Working in a child care facility and babysitting I have had the opportunity to experience the reaction of parents to these sorts of things.

I’m going to ask you, how you would feel if on the first day of day care you come to pick your child up and he is drinking from a sippy cup that is pink and purple with flowers on it that reads the name Emily?  You know for sure your little Bobby is not Emily, but why is he drinking from someone else’s cup?  You look over and the assistant is trying to stop the screaming child from eating the toy cars that he is stealing from other students hands.  This is a scene you don’t ever want to run into but it does happen. 

Events like this don’t happen all the time but they do occur on occasion.  There is no reason for you to pull your child out of the classroom because he or she was drinking from someone else cup but I feel this issue should be addressed.  It is disgusting and by all means unhealthy that children at school share their cups.  I am sure the children don’t mean to share them, but who is to say when a three year old is thirsty and there is a cup on the table they won’t drink it? 

This is one of the reasons children who attend school settings are always sick. Germs get passed on by everything and everyone.  When I was working at the day care centers I constantly was wiping off the toys and letting them sit in bowls of hot water to disinfect them.  If it weren’t for babysitting and seeing the parent’s reaction and for me constantly getting sick, I don’t think I may have kept my rooms so clean.  These things go unnoticed until you get sick or someone brings it to your attention.  Keeping the room clean is the number one key to healthy children and a better atmosphere in child care centers.


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