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March 24, 2009

Outdoor play

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Environmental education needs to start at any early age with hands-on experience with nature. Children love to be outdoors where they are free to run around and enjoy the beautiful weather.  Children’s play is different if they are inside verses being outside.  Being outside gives children the opportunity to experience different types of play.  Activities are great ways for children to interact with one another. Some activities are frowned upon because they can only be done outside and not inside. Outside has a safer environment with more space so there is less chance of someone getting hurt.

            Nature is a wonderful part of a child’s life.  Experiencing the trees, landscape, rivers, and flowers is a peaceful feeling that makes anyone smile.  Children view natural environment different than adults.  Adults just pass by taking for granted what nature really is, or how the enjoinment is evolving.  Children on the other hand, take nature as an experience to learn and grow from.  They use it as a stimulator and experiential component of their activities.  Nature is not something people should pass by, but really take in and appreciate for what it is.  

            Playing outside can give children a more broadened mind, more ideas for games and people to connect with.  Outside is where things happen, where imaginary friends and fairytales come alive.  Experimenting with dirt, water, sand, and rocks is better if it is done in an outdoor environment and not indoors.  Having children play outside gives them the opportunity to stimulate discovery and dramatic pretend play. 

As a child I remember always wanting to be outside so I could engage myself in activities that were not meant to be done inside.  Being able to go outdoors and experiment with everything from nature was one of the most important things in my life.  I love nature and still to this day love being outside.  Rainy days are said to make people feel sad or overwhelmed as if they were having a bad day.  Knowing you are confined to being stuck in the house contributes to ones personality adversely.  If I could tell you one thing I loved doing as a child was being allowed to engage myself in outdoor activities.  Playing inside is for the rainy days and sunny days should be spent outside having the time of your life.


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