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March 24, 2009


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With the popularity of blogs and You Tube, it was only a matter of time before people started vlogging (video logging). LonelyGirl15 proved that this is a new and exciting form of entertainment. Her videos got many hits and viewers became faithful to her. The creators, Miles Beckett and Mesh Flinders think vlogging is a new medium for entertainment, similar to cinema and television, but different in its own way.

I never heard of LonelyGirl15 before reading about her in The Secret World of Lonelygirl. What is interesting is once the news came out that this was not a true-life story of a high school girl, fans still watched her vlogs regularly. When we watch TV or a movie we know the characters are played by actors, but with Lonelygirl, viewers thought Bree was a real person, not a character played by and actress. Deceived as they were, fans still tuned in to the “show”.

Perhaps the internet will become a new place for scripted series to air. Only time will tell if big companies will invest in the idea or not. When television sitcoms first were pitched to companies they were resistant, and now TV has proven to be a major medium. It will be interesting to see where the future will lead us.


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