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March 26, 2009

Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook

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Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook

The article, “How Mark Zuckerberg Turned Facebook Into the Web’s Hottest Platform,” is very interesting. As a Facebook user, I enjoy reading articles about the social tool that I use almost every single day. The article states how Zuckerberg founded Facebook and how he turned down a certain deal because he thought Facebook could do better on its own. The young founder of Facebook was going to sell his work to Yahoo for $1 billion dollars, but things fell through on Yahoo’s part, Zuckerberg decided to walk away from the deal he had with the Yahoo organization. He became known as the “cocky youngster who turned down $1 billion.” (3).

I think the most interesting part about this article is that Zuckerberg was a college student when he first started the Facebook phenomenon. I cannot imagine starting a website like Facebook and making it as universal as it is at my age right now. Almost everyone I know has a Facebook account these days. It used to only be college students who had accounts, but now adults have them as well. My mother even has a Facebook account, which is still hard for me to get over. I never thought that that she would break down and get one. I think it is remarkable that a college student started the website that almost everyone today has heard about. Facebook is now worth billions and Zuckerberg is very well off. He is even being compared to Bill Gates, who is one of the wealthiest men in the world. I would say that Zuckerberg is happy that he walked away from the Yahoo deal and stuck with his own mind.


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