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March 26, 2009

The Secret World of Lonelygirl

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The Secret World of Lonely Girl

This article really caught my attention. I think the whole idea of Lonelygirl15 is quite misleading. I am not sure if I totally agree with the idea of it. I think it is a bit upsetting for the viewer because the series is something that they thought was real and then found out later (after becoming attached) that the series is a big fake. I do not think it is really fair that the creators of the show basically lied to the viewers.

There are both pros and cons of this particular series. In my opinion, the biggest problem with his series is that it is all made up, while the audience is under the impression that the main character is a real girl who is trying to express herself. It is just a script that some guy thought of and wanted to make public. When it came out that the series was not real life, some fans were both and an upset while others were not really phased by it. I just think it would be upsetting (for me personally) to watch a series that I thought was reality for some time just to later find out that it was all made up and none of it ever actually happened. Some people could really connect to the character “Bree” and may even see her as a friend. I am sure the people who watch her everyday were upset or angry when they found out that she was fake. It may have even been like loosing a friend for some people.

I think the only good thing this series did was that it allowed the fans to write into the character that they were following. Sometimes people look for others to talk to because they have no one else, and for some people, “Bree” may have been the person that they could talk to. When people wrote in, “Bree” responded to them, even though it was not actually her (but it’s not like the viewer knew that). I think it was a good idea to let the viewers write into the character on the series. However, I think that the viewers of the show should be informed of who it is exactly that they are writing to instead of being misled.


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