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March 26, 2009

Youtube VS. Boobtube

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Youtube VS. Boobtube

I found this article to be a very interesting read. I really like how the author incorporates different videos for the reader to watch. He also describes some of the videos in a way that makes the reader want to watch the video even more. The article is about Youtube and how it is effecting everyday life on the internet. I never realized many things about Youtube until I read this article. I never sat down to think about what Youtube really is. According to Garfield, ” A recent Accenture study of 1600 Americans found that 38% of the respondents wanted to create or share content online” (1). So, people use Youtube to upload videos about whatever they want and whatever it is that they want to share with the world.

People post videos on Youtube everyday. I have never posted a video myself, but I do use Youtube to look up certain videos that I hear others talking about. There are times when my friends and I just sit around and watch Youtube videos all night long. Everyone knows about a lot of the same videos because certain ones get talked about more than others. When your friends ask if you have seen a particular video and you respond with “no,” the first thing your friend may say is “oh man, you have to watch it! It is so funny!” They may also just pull the video up on Youtube right then and there if a computer is nearby. Once Youtube is up on my computer screen, a long period of time passes before it is off the screen. You can start off looking at a video for school, and because of the other videos that come up after the one you just watched, you can end up looking at videos that are completely off subject. Youtube is very popular today and almost every single person has heard of it before. It is a great tool for people to use of they want to express themselves and get a certain point across to others.


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