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April 2, 2009

“Brave New World of Digital Intimacy”

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“Brave New World of Digital Intimacy”

This is another article about privacy on the internet, especially sites like Twitter and Facebook. I thought it was very interesting to read, especially since I have a Facebook account. I have heard about Twitter before, but I never really understood its purpose. After reading this article, I learned more about it and I now have a clearer view of what Twitter actually is. In my personal opinion, the most interesting part of the article was the section about the “newsfeed” on Facebook.

When Face book’s “newsfeed” was first developed, I did not like it at all. Actually, many people did not like the idea of it. People thought that it was “stalker-ish” because everyone was able to see everything that everyone changed on their profiles. Many people were outraged because Facebook went and changed the site without asking its users if they wanted their information to be displayed on everyone’s “newsfeed.” I was not outraged by the “newsfeed” but I did think it was a little strange that all of my friends could see my every move. After a week or two went by, I began to get used to the “newsfeed” and I now check it every single time I log onto Facebook. It is one’s own choice to put whatever they want on their Facebook account. If you do not want others to view something, then do not put it on Facebook.


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