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April 2, 2009

“Naked in the ‘Nonopticon'”

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“Naked in the ‘Nonopticon'”

This article was very interesting to read. It is all about privacy and how people do not really have it in today’s world. People give out information about themselves left and right, whether it is on the internet or by giving the cashier at the food store your zip code. The article discusses how people always want privacy, but how they give out information about themselves like it is nothing. We may not realize that we give away personal information, but we do it almost everyday.

The article begins by discussing privacy when it comes to Facebook. In my opinion, there really is no privacy with Facebook. Some things may be kept private, in the sense that not everyone who visits your page can view all of your information; these things that are kept “private” include personal messages that friends send to each other and events that people plan, in which only certain people are invited to view. Even though not everyone can see these messages and events, it does not necessarily mean that they are completely private. According to the article, everything that one puts down on a web page becomes public. So, just because all of your friends cannot see a message or event, it does not mean that no one else but you can view it. This article really made me think what information I should and should not put down on Facebook or anywhere else on the internet.


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