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April 14, 2009


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Hey everyone,

I thought I’d take a more personal approach to this blogging thing.  I’m sitting here right now finishing up the paper for Courtney’s module assignment, and doing my last couple blogs.  All of a sudden I got this extreme craving for something to drink, and chocolate. Hot chocolate seemed like an amazing idea. So I made myself a cup of hot chocolate made with unsweetened cocoa powder. Sounds kind of wierd because I know most people use already mixed syrups or other  concoctions. I was thinking about how good cocoa is for the body.It has lots of antioxidants which help fight off diseases.  The reason chocolate has a bad rep is mostly because people eat the kind that is processed with tons of sugar and other stuff. Anyway… This is for all the chocolate lovers out there who want a more healthy alternative to eating what they love.

Recipe for “perfectly chocolate” hot cocoa:

2 tbsp. sugar, 2tbsp hershey’s natural unsweetened cocoa, dash salt, 1 cup milk, 1/4 tsp. vanilla extract

the recipe in detail is on the back of the little box, but I just heat the milk up and then mix everything in. I personally like it better with less sugar, so I only put in 1 tbsp.

Enjoy a cup of hot cocoa without all the preservatives, dyes, artificial flavorings, and gross stuff.

Here’s a website from a person who was kinda thinking the same thing as me:


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